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Chardonnay, Cuvée Chardonnay, Viognier, Rosé of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Reserve Pinot Noir, Grenache


Grape clusters are harvested before sunrise at their coldest possible temperature to ensure that upon arrival to the winery, spontaneous fermentation has not begun.  We are especially gentle with our grapes, and aim to move our wine as little as possible to ensure that our quality remains at optimum level.  Punch downs are performed three times daily.  After the initial fermentation, wines are unless otherwise specified, inoculated with malolactic bacteria to ensure that they fully undergo malolactic fermentation prior to bottling.


Zotovich Estate 2015 ZOTO Chardonnay



Zotovich Estate 2015 Chardonnay

The harvest of our different Chardonnay clones occurred over 3 days ranging from mid-August to mid-September.  Displaying our hallmark minerality and acidity, this bright, crisp chardonnay is loaded with green apple notes with touches of lemon butter and butterscotch with a taught, briny element in the finish.  The wine had good mid-palate weight and a long, powerful finish. It was aged in 100% French oak barrels, 35% of which were new and spent 20 months in barrel before bottling.

2015 Z Chard Face.jpg

Zotovich Estate Z Cuvée 2015 Chardonnay

Our first ever Reserve Chardonnay! From our singular block of Clone 809 Chardonnay. The color is a gorgeous light brassy yellow with a powerhouse nose of lemon-lime, buoyed by tropical scents of mango and papaya with hints of beeswax, sugar cane, citrus blossom all underlaid by our the limestone and brine edge that is a hallmark of our vineyard.


Zotovich Estate 2016 Viognier

Viognier can be a difficult grape to understand at Zotovich.  It will be dull and green for much of its maturing life, have a brief but spectacular moment of balance, and then become overly glycerin and syrupy.  We found the window for the spectacular in 2015 was between 23.5 and 24.0 Brix, and close monitoring allowed us to pick exactly where we wanted.  Both lush and balanced, this Viognier has a depth and complexity not seen in your typical California Viognier. We pressed off to tank, allowed the juice to settle for two days, then racked the juice to a new tank and commenced fermentation.  Post fermentation we barreled down the wine to all stainless-steel vessels.


Zotovich Estate 2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir

The 2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. This beautiful Rosé was harvested on September 6. It has the nose of rose petal, cranberry and dried cherry with cola and spice notes in the back. Medium dark pink in color with good palate weight and a long, juicy finish.


Zotovich Estate 2014 Syrah

The Syrah from our vineyard is always phenomenal, and 2014 is no exception.  Co-fermented with 5% Viognier, the 2014 has a bright nose with an underlying hint of lushness, and a body that is both elegant and powerful.  This wine spent 18 months in 100% French 500 liter puncheon barrels, 20% of which were new.


Zotovich Estate 2014 ZOTO Pinot Noir

Our “Zoto” Pinot Noir was harvested at the end of August and the first part of September, which was later than our main Pinot Noir, so that we could produce a softer, more fruit driven wine more suited for enjoyment in its youth than our more structured mainline Pinot.  It was aged in 100% French oak barrels, 35% of which were new, for 12 months.


Zotovich Estate 2014 Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir was harvested in mid-August when we judged the acid/tannin/fruit balance was optimal. Unrefined and unfiltered, the 2014 Estate Pinot Noir is seamless. Notes of black cherry cola, hibiscus and black tea coalesce on a deep ruby rose backdrop as caramelized citrus, nutmeg and cardamom grace the bouquet. An integrated and harmonious wine with a medium weight mouthfeel, the 2014 Estate Pinot Noir leaves the mouth with a velvety texture and the thought of dried stone fruits.  It was aged in 100% French oak barrels, 35% of which were new, for 12 months.

2014 Reserve pinot face.jpg

Zotovich Estate 2014 Reserve Pinot Noir

A 6 Barrel Selection, this blend of Pinot Noir is made by a rudimentary grading system.  After vinifying every clone separately, we go through and grade each barrel 1-5 (5 being the best).  After we our first pass, we revisit all of the 4’s and 5’s and select the best 6 barrels for the Reserve blend that we think best exemplifies the vineyard.  This means that unlike the “Z” Pinot Noir, we are looking for a wine that showcases Zotovich Vineyards underlying themes the strongest.  This wine spent 12 months in barrel before bottling.  It was aged in 100% French oak barrels, 33% of which were new. 



Zotovich Estate 2013 Barrel 1 Pinot Noir

Grenache Label.jpg

Paso Robles 2013 Grenache

This Grenache is only the second time we have used non-estate fruit, the first being the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. You can be sure that if we are interested in something from another vineyard, it must be incredible. And it is. Sourced from one of the top vineyards on the West Side of Paso Robles, so exclusive that we are not at liberty to disclose the name, this is a world class Grenache.  Bottled unfiltered with minimal fining, this is a compelling wine, classically built yet true to its California roots.    A scant 7 barrels made.